Learning Wizards is a corporate training institute in Chandigarh, profound name in terms of language classes for corporate English and customized training that we provide to our Clients. There is a discrete module prepared for our Clients as per their requisite. Apart from that we have the most experienced trainers for corporate training for soft skill development in the industry.

  • Team Building
  • Self Development
    • Goal Setting
    • Effective Work Management
    • Management Skill Training
    • Corporate Intervention
    • Persuasion Skills
    • Effective Selling and Customer Delight
    • Effective Email Writing
    • Excel Training
    • English Enhancement
    • Accent Neutralization
  • Leadership Development
    • Effective Communications
    • First Time Leaders
    • Presentation Skills
    • Handling Meetings
    • Train the Trainer
  • Leadership Development
    • Communication Enhancement
    • Confidence Building Techniques
    • Presentation Skills
    • Grooming Etiquettes
    • Accent Neutralization
    • Voice Modulation
    • Non-verbal communication: body language
    • Motivational Skill Program for Leadership Development
    • Interpersonal Skills Development
    • Team Building
    • Resume Writing.
    • Personal Interview/Campus Recruitment preparation
    • Group Discussion
    • Stress Management Techniques.

Training Methodology

As trainers, rather than focusing on systems, processes, or strategy, we focus on people, specifically, how people behave and increasing employee productivity. Along with using training tools, such as PowerPoint, DVDs, and workbooks, our training is built on a custom platform that allows the training to be conducted seamlessly and professionally with practical sessions and role plays.

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