About  New Zealand

“Aotearoa” as it is famously called by the Maoris meaning a “Land of long white cloud” is a peaceful, friendly and safe country. It is an amazing place to live, study and work. New Zealand is an island country in the south-west pacific comprising of two main land masses – North and South islands and numerous smaller islands.

New Zealand is a home to a plenty of other natural beauties. Picturesque fiords, rugged mountains, vast plains, rolling hillsides, subtropical forest makes it a paradise on Earth.

With a population just over 4.4 million, New Zealand provides an exciting lifestyle and immense opportunities in an ethnically diverse environment. With a well developed economy, New Zealand depends on international trade of agricultural products, fishing, horticulture, forestry and mining. Tourism also plays a significant role in the country’s growth.

The Reasons for Choosing New Zealand

While studying in New Zealand, you will enjoy quality education with tuition and living cost which is quite reasonable. Thousands of international students choose to study here, exploring new study programmes, which can take their career to new heights. There are various reasons, that make it a popular study destination among international students.

  • Peaceful, friendly and safe country.
  • Great lifestyle.
  • Well-developed economy.
  • Open political environment.
  • Beautiful landscape with world’s best food & wine
  • Modern outlook.
  • Least corrupt nation.
  • Quality education in affordable cost.
  • Reasonable cost of living.
  • Huge skill shortage.